Workshop on Categorical Logic and Univalent Foundations

General Information

A workshop on Categorical Logic and Univalent Foundations will be held at the University of Leeds (UK) from July 27 to July 29 2016.

The workshop will be quite informal and include time for open discussions. Talks are invited concerning all aspects of homotopy type theory and univalent foundations, the scope of the workshop being very broad.

There is no registration fee, but we ask that participants register by sending us some information. Especially for young researchers, we offer a number of paid-for rooms on location.

Keywords: categorical logic, univalent foundations, homotopy type theory, synthetic homotopy theory, syntax and semantics of dependent type theories, homotopical models of dependent type theories, connections to higher-dimensional category theory and higher topos theory, theory and implementation of proof checkers, computer-assisted formalization of mathematics, design and implementation of dependently typed programming languages

Important Dates

April 4: Opening of registration and submission of abstracts.

May 15: Deadline for registrations that include applications for accommodation support.

June 15: Registration deadline (afterwards, we still accept a certain amount of attendance-only registrations)

July 27–29: Workshop on Categorical Logic and Univalent Foundations.

Sponsoring Institutions

This workshop is supported by the Engineering and Physical Research Council (EPSRC) via the standard grant EP/M016951/1 and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) via the grant FA8655-13-1-3038.

Related Events

The Logic Colloquium 2016 is taking place at the University of Leeds from July 31 to August 6, right after this workshop.